Henrico Hanekom is a Neuro-Marketing Mentor who empowers leaders in business with influential marketing & communication.

Henrico Hanekom unlocks opportunities with his rapid insights into what make businesses unique and how to apply the latest Marketing & Communication strategies.

Trained as a sound recording engineer, Henrico, with his energetic, forward looking nature, realised early on in his career, that he had to stay ahead of the trend in order to survive and flourish in the fast changing world of technology.

Being a confident optimist, Henrico expanded his business to include video productions for his clients.

The company grew fast and again expanded to include the development of marketing campaigns and the production of marketing media for radio and TV. He further expanded into a new company which included the shift to online marketing in order to start servicing international clients.

Realising that internet and video marketing is the “next big thing” Henrico, who loves a challenge and never misses an opportunity, decided to get into this field well ahead of the pack.

After setting himself the goal to be geographically and financially free, he started to focus on gaining experience with building a complete internet businesses. It soon proved to be much harder than he thought. What the so-called ‘internet gurus’ were saying was not working and he failed numerous times.

Henrico’s inability to quit and his undying will to create his own destiny motivated him to invest thousands of Rands and hundreds of hours before he eventually ‘cracked the code’ for influential marketing & communication.

Today Henrico is a catalyst, mentor and coach for multiple companies who is growing from strength to strength.

In contrast to the fast-paced environment of technology, Henrico likes to find sanctuary in the quiet of the bushveld to renew his energy. A family-centred man, Henrico Hanekom often refers to his family at his speaking engagements. He values family and defines success by the quality time he has free to spend with his beloved wife and 3 children.

Passionate to see people develop

We give back

Megaphone Media clients is part of a project that is very close to our hearts. Whenever a contract or job is procured from Megaphone Media, a portion of the funds is invested in the support of young children that desperately needs help.

There are many children that are orphaned or live like orphans due to their circumstances be it abuse, low income, HIV & aids or addiction.

At such young ages ranging from only a few months old to +- 6 years I believe that they are too young to make their own decision in live and that they truly need a helping hand. The Vastfontein community transformation school gives us, as a business, that opportunity to give and support these children.

It’s our absolute privilege to be making even a small difference in the lives of these children who we believe will eventually become empowered individuals despite their circumstance.

Let’s bring light to those who need it.

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